farmhouse funk & junk

Vintage farmhouse style antiques, funky accessories & clothing

215 S Main St.

​Breckenridge, CO 80424


Marigolds Farmhouse Funk & Junk is an ever changing creative stash of our family talents. Owned, operated, and created by Nancy (mother), Lisa & Lori (daughters of Nancy), and Danielle (daughter of Lori).

Nancy, an antiquing veteran, lives in Northern Missouri. She finds and brings truckloads of antiques from the Midwest. She rolls up into Breckenridge looking like a hillbilly, with anything from windmills, rusty bicycles, to colorful metal chairs stuffed into every inch of her truck!

Lisa, Lori, and Danielle design and hand make most of the jewelry sold in the store. They also curate an ever-changing assortment of unique merchandise.

Come on in, listen to some good music, dance under the disco ball, take some time to discover all our ‘good junk’, and most of all, have fun!  We certainly do.